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Text & Call - Free_to_Call

A free social communication app for iOS and Android that gives you the freedom to connect. Friends on yuilop means unlimited free texts & calls


Energy = Free Texts & Calls

To keep all communication completely free, yuilop is ad-funded and utilises an innovative virtual currency called Energy. Learn more about Energy by watching this cool 30 second video clip!


Call friends on
Yes, we are serious.

You only use Energy when going out of the app (yuilop_OUT). Energy is earned by engaging with the app (e.g. inviting friends, participating in promotions or redeeming vouchers). Just do stuff in yuilop and earn Energy for free texts & calls, worldwide!
Remember, if you invite friends and they join yuilop, not only do you earn Energy, but all app-to-app texts & calls are free and unlimited with friends on yuilop. So, save your Energy for that call to your granny on her fixed-line :) Don't forget, international calls are also covered with yuilop Energy.